Illustrated, in full colour, this fourth book of the MEMENTO 13 series begins by explaining the nature, behaviour and presence of spirals around us, and inside us, and helps readers to learn how to
make the distinction between Fibonacci and Golden spirals and why spirals are symbols of inner growth and transformation.
Softcover; Illustrated in full colour
ISBN: 9781909323124
56 pages; Size: 21.6 x 28 cm
The section on Fractal geometries discusses fractals as a perfect model for self-organising, storing or co-existing.

After introducing the founder of this relatively new mathematical concept, it explores two methods of fractal construction through the example of Sierpinski triangle. One of the methods is a perfect illustration of the forces of order working behind any seemingly chaotic situation. Examples of fractals in nature make these geometries more understandable to reader, enabling them to recognise fractals even in the beauty of a rose or the intricacy of a coastline. 

Reader learns that, for example, self-awareness and compassion function like fractals, and why scientists have a message for us: Get fractal – to charge yourself with life force.

The story on Labyrints explains how our brain hemispheres are templates for two different patterns of perception and functioning of consciousness, and how walking a labyrinth serves to balance them. Readers also find instructions for drawing their own labyrinth, and for distinguishing between a maze and a labyrinth.

Author also analyses mandalas, yantras and Islamic patterns. They are oriental geometries that speak about beyondness while translating cosmic structures and meanings into the symbols accessible to humans. Readers learn how, during meditation, the resonance established between the geometrical patterns and the geometry of our subtle bodies facilitates an alignment of our energies, with the higher vibrations that are encoded into the design of mandalas and yantras.

The Islamic patterns are much more than mere decoration. Reader will discover that they are the pictures of the Soul, able to guide us Home to the very atomic essence of the Creation, to God’s embrace and a reunion with our Godly-Self.


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